HiMaPS 1.0 beta (2007-24-08)

Why use it?

  1. Hot Features:
    • Single Player Mode for making films, stand alone on one PC. Multi Player Mode for real time shows.
    • Up to 10 NPCs (Non Player Characters) on Host PC. 4 different types of NPCs: Looper, Tracer, Pather and Idler.
    • Animation: Joystick for camera animation and game-pad for player animation. Xbox® game-pads are supported (old one and 360).
    • Bone and vertex real-time animated player types are supported (mdl). Bone rigs have mimic and speak editor. Up to 8 mimics are real-time soft-blended controlled by game-pad. Speaking and random blinking of eyes are automatic animated.
    • In Game Modell Import: mdl models are imported.
    • In Game Level Import: wmb format is supported.
    • View management: Free Camera, Third Person, First Person.
    • Camera: Real-time animated camera.
    • Scene management: Up to 999 scenes are supported.
    • File Management: Each file of the real-time data and the database of scenes are open (XML). So everyone can add tools for further developments.
    • Capture Features: Capturing by external screen capture program CamStudio (open source). Small video, PAL, NTSC and HD are supported (depends on power of PC).
    • Audio system driven by Fmod: In game record of speaker wave-files. Auto animating mouth movement.
  2. You can use it for checking scenes before making real films (lower costs).
  3. You can use it for making music videos.
  4. You can use it for making animated greeting cards.
  5. Use it for fun or use it for serious things. – To make animated films is now much more easier.